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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1865"

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IQ^^^^K? HIST^^AL SOCIETY. 1955. 
Southern Convention of Congregational Christian Chj 




foetieth mmhh sessigh 

or THE 





October 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, 1865. 

Ako, the Proceedings of the 



Meeting* of the North Carolina and Virginia 
Christian Conference. 

Oak Level, Franklin Cor/NTr, N. G, October, 4th, 1865. 

Conference met pursuent to adjournment, and was called 
• to order by Elder T. J. Fowler, Vice President of last Ses- 
sion*, Singing and prayer by Elder Sol. Apple. After 
which the following officers were unanimously elected, via.; 
Elder Sol. Apple, President; Elder T. J. Fowler, Vice Presi- 
dent; Elder W. S. Long and Major S. A. Martin, Assistant 

Tho roll of Conference being read, the following answered 
to their names, viz. 

Elders, J. W. Wellons, T. J. Fowler, J. N. Farrell, W. 
S. Long, S. Apple, J. N. Manning, E. G. Tinnen, C. A. 
Boone, B. N. Hopkins, A. Apple, Ohastien Allen, P. W. Al- 
len, H. B. Hayse and 3. I. Hobby. (Not half present that 
are members of Conference.) 

Licentiates. W.K.Martin and W. H. Franks, (Two 
thirds are absent.) 

Delegates, D. A. Long, W. S. Petty, M. J. W.'McCauley, 
W. G. Lassiter, J. A. Thomas, H. L. Burnes, C. S. Holloman, 
Alfred Moring, H. C. Farrell, J. A. Farrell, F. J. Smith, J 
J. Jenkins, H. A. Albright, W. W. Johnston, T. W. Austin' 
W. J. Long, C. E. Ayscue , Elijah Grissom, J. C. Williams/ 
M. 0. Winston, Thos. I A. Martin, Thos. Winston, J. H. 
Compton, J. F. Coghill, Isreal Dillard, J. H. Fleming, A. 
Newman and David Bragg. 

The President then announced that Conference was ready for 
business, AD communications to Conference, were then read. 

On motion of W. X. Martin, the Chair appointed a com- 
mittee of three on religious exercise. Committees, J. W. 
Wellons, W. K Martin, and M. C. Winston. 

On motion of J. N. Manning, the Pev. Jas. L. Fisher, of 
the M. E. Church was invited to take a seat in that part of the 
house occupied by Conference, and to take part in our delib- 

The Executive Committee of Conference then reported, 
which Peport was received and adopted. 
On motion adjourned to 2 o'clock, P.M. 


■j 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference convened according to appointment. 

On of Motion of J. N. Manning, Dr. E. F. Watson of Ale- 
mance County was invited to a seat in Conference as a hon- 
orary member thereof. 

The Chair then announced the following Committee, viz. 
' (to character and standing of the Ministry, M. C. Winston, A. 
Mormg D. A. Long, H. A. Albright and W. S. Petty. 
Martin WS] J - N - inning, W. Si Long, and W. K. 

On Finance-, W. S. Petty, C. A. Boone, and M. J. W. Mc- 

On Statistic^ E. G. Tinnen , D. A. Long, S. Holloman. 
On Sabbath Schools; J. W. Wellons, J. J, Jenkins, F. J. 

On Ministerial Supply; T. J. Fowler, J. N. Manning J. IL 
Boone^' M ° ring D ' A ' L ° ng ' W ' H * Albri £ ht > °' A * 

A Petition was received from the Churches in the 
JJeep Kiver V alley, praying permission to organize a separate 
.Conference in said Valley, which, on motion cf W. S. Long, 
was made the special order of 11 o'clock to-morrow morning. 

On motion of W. K. Martin, the thanks of Conference 
were tendered Elder C. A. Apple, for the suggestions made 
m his letter to Conference. 

Conference adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. 
Singing and prayer by Elder J. N. Farreli. ' 

October 5th. 10 o'clock, a. m. 

Conference convened pursuant to adjournment, singing 
and prayer by Elder T. J. Fowler- 

Minuses of yesterday read and approved. 

A Petition from the Church at Smyrna, requesting to be- 
'come a member of Conference was read, which, on motion 
•oi W. K. Martin, was unanimously granted. 
• On motion, Elder T. J. Fowler, the special order of the day, 
the Petition from the Churcbes in the Deep Hirer Valley, 
was taken up and considered. 

Elder J. N. Manning offered the following, which after 
considerable debate was adopted, 


Resolved, that the Petition of the Churches in the Deep 
Hirer Valley be duly considered and continued under con- 
templation until our next Conference, and that the Ministers 
and Churches mentioned in the Petition be requested to con- 
tinue their folio wship with the body until a better under- 
standing of the matter can be had. 

Resolved, that the Chair appoint a suitable person to write 
a letter of explanation to the Ministers and Churches of 
Deep River Valley, in reference to their Petition for pennis- 
si on to organize a new Conference. 

Conference adjourned to 3 o'clock, P. M. 

3 o'clock, p. m. 

Conference convened. 

The President appointed a Committee to select a suitable 
place for the next annual meeting of Conference. 

Committee on Sabbath Schools reported, which was re- 
ceived and adopted. 


That so low an estimate, as in apparent throughout our 
Conference, should be formed of the value of Sabbath schools 
is a matter of deep regret, we recommend that more atten- 
tion be given to this subject, and that energetic efforts be mad© 
by the Ministers and laity to organize Sabbath Schools, at 
all our Churches. It should be considered a dereliction of 
duty for any Minister to neglect to urge upon his congrega- 
tions strict attention to this subject. 

J. W. WELLONS, Chairman 

The following resolution was offered by J. N. Manning, 
which was ndopted. 

Resolved. That in the opinion of tfeas Conference, the South- 
ern Christian Convention ought to meet as early as practi- 
cable, and that we suggest Wednesday before the 1st Sab- 
bath in May next as a suitable time. 

Resolved, further That the Secretary of this Conference b© 
directed to communicate with all the Conferences in the 
Southern States and acquaint them with the desire of this body.* 

The Committeo on character and standing of the Ministry 
reported, which was received and adopted. 



We are gratified to report, after a careful examination, 
all the Ministers and Licentiates belonging to Conference in 
good and regular standing, except B.^Ausley, a Licentiate, 
who has received ordination at the liands of W. N. Bragg, 
once Minister of this Conference, expelled fo* falsehood; and 
is co-operating with him; also those who are under censure 
and suspension, now awaiting trial, of whom you are fully 
advised. Respectfully submited. 

M. C. WINSTON, Chairman. 

The following resolutions was unanimously adopted. 

Resolved, That the case of B. Ausly, together, with those 
reported la fit session, he referred to a committee of all the 
Elders present. 

Resolved, That this Conference would suggest Mount Au- 
burn as a fit place for the next meeting of the Southern 
Christian Convention. 

Resolved, That a Committee of three, be appointed to de- 
vise means for the publication oi the Crihstian Sun, as 
soon as it may appear practicable; and tkat they be empow- 
ered to determine the place of publication, secure the ser- 
vices of an efficient Ecfitor, and to fix the price of the paper, 
Provided^ however, that the Southern Christian Convetion 
does not meet within nine months from this date, and that 
no notice of such meeting be published within six mnoths. 

Resolved, That the contributions to the Conference fund 
be now received. (Vide Manuscript.) 

The Chair appointed Elder J. N. M a nning to write the 
letter to the Ministers and Churches of Deep River Valley. 

Conference apjouined to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. 

Singing and prayer by Rev. J. L. Eisher, of the M. E. 

Octobee, 6th, 1865. 

Conference convened according to adjournment, singing 
and prayer by Elder J. N. Manning. 

Minutes of yesterday read and approved. 

On motion it was Resolved, That at 2 o'clock P. M. we go 
into the election of delegates to represent this Conference in 
the next meeting oi the Southern Christian Convention. 


Bro. W. K. Martin requested that lie be allowed to re- 
turn his license to Conference, as his church could license him 
to exercise in his own neighborhood which was all ho de- 
sired. Conference granted the request. 

Bro. J. N. Manning prepared the following letter to the 
Ministers and Churches in the Deep Eiver Valley, and pre- 
sented it to Conference. 


To the Ministers and Churches in Deep River Valley, N. C. 
Dear Brethren: 

I arn appointed by Conference to ex- 
press to you the fraternal feeling of this body, and to ac- 
quaint you more fully with the disposition made of the Pe- 
tition to form a new Conference in the Deep River Valley. 

It is the desire of Conference that you should know the 
deep interest we feel in your prosperity and spiritual wel- 
fare, and that it is our purpose to assist you in the use of 
ail means by which your happiness and usefulness may be 
increased and perpetuated. Be assured then, Dear Breth- 
ren, of our warmest affection and purest and highest regard. 

The devision of our old and honored Conference is a mat- 
ter of serious import, and may involve vast interests and un- 
told consequences; therefore, it should be well considered and 
fully matured before coming to a conclusion. It is an old. 
adage that "haste makes waste," and it may be doubly true 
in this instance. Consequently we think the matter ought 
to be continued under consideration until our next Confer- 
ence, and in the mean time the churches and Ministers men- 
tioned in the Petition can arrange their own local affairs in 
a manner best suited to their wants, and supply the various 
points with preaching as heretofore. And let them send a 
full representation to our next Conference, at which time 
the matter may be further considered. Conference was 
led to this conclusion by the proceedings of the Southern 
Christian Convention which require ail petitions for the for- 
mation of new conferences to be drawn up and presented in 
due form. Your petition is anonymous; not a single signa- 
ture was affixed; therefore, no one was responsible for it. 
Again, the convention provides that whore two or more 


churches with two or more Elders not within the bounds of 
conference may form themselves into a new conference by 
permission of the "parent body." You are located within the 
bounds of this conference and will surely respect and fnr- 
ther consider the wishes of this body. With these brief 
thoughts we entreat you to delay further action at this, 
time, and to meet us with that spirit with which we will 
greet you at our next conference. 

We pray that the blessings of our Divine Master may rest 
upon you. 

Done by order of Conference. 

Your truest Brother in Christ, 


A copy of the foregoing letter was, by order of confer 
ence, sent to the aforesaid ministers and churches. 

On motion of Elder W. S. Long, a conlmittoe of three was 
appointed to report on the condition of the conntry. 

Committee, W, J. Long, B. N. Hopkins, W. K, Martin. 
, On motion of Elder H. B. Hayes, the following commit- 
tee was appointed on the resuscitvi tion of the Christian Sun, 
viz , J. N. Manning, J". W. Wellons, Sol. Apple. 

Conference adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M, 

2 o'clock, p. m. 

Conference convened. 

The election of Delegates to the next Convention being 
the special order for this house was held, and resulted as 
follows, viz: 

Md*rs.—T. JT. Fowler, J. N. Manning, J. W. Wellons, 
Sol. Apple, J. E. Holt, J. N. Farrell, A. Gr. Anderson, A. 
Isley, P. W; Allen, W. S. Long. 

Laymen. — W. K. Martin. A. Moring C. E. Ayscue, W. H. 
Read, M. C. Winston, D. A. Long, J. H. Flemming, S. Hol- 
loman, E. J. Hatch, E. F. Watson. 

The Committee on the location of Conference reported 
Okelley's Chapel, Chatham Connty, N. 0., as a suitable place 
for the meeting of our next session. 

The Committee on Ministerial supply, reported the follow- 
ing arrangement as agreed to between the preaehers and 
the various Associations and stations, viz, 


Dan Rive* Associtaion, J. N. Manning, C. A. Apple. 
Tar River Association, J. W. Wellons, J. M. Minnis. 
New Nope, T. J. Fowler, J. N. Farrell. 
Bells, B. G. Tinnen. 

Haw Rwer Association^ E. W. Beale, W. S. Long. 
Concord and Mount Zion, A. G. Anderson. 
Reedy Fork Association B. N. Hopkins. 
Lebanon, Sol. Apple. 

Bethlehem, Apple's and Mine's Chapel, A. Isley. 

Cape Fear, Antioch, Zion, Bethel, New Elam, Wake 
Chapel, Pleasant Union, to be served by J. N. Farrell, C. A. 
Boone, J. W. Hatch, J. K. Gibson. 

Pleasant Spring, Utley's School House, Smyrna, Pleasant 
Hill, to be served by H. B. Hayes, W. H. Franks, A. Franks. 

Jno. Goodrich will labor in the same field he did last year. 

Conference adjourned to 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. 

Singing and prayer by Elder C. Allen. 

Octobee, 7th, 9 o'clock, p. m. 

Conference convened, worship conducted by Elder H. B. 

Minutes of yesterday read and approved, 


The Committee on Statistics reported as follows: 


Union, N. C, 
New Providence, 
Shallow Ford, 
New Elam, 
Pleas't Grove, Va. 
More Union, 

Shallow Well, 
Okelley's Chapel, 
Hank's Chapel, 
Shiloh, Va. 
Mount Pisgah, 
Eeeces Chapel, 
Pleas. Grove, N.C. 
Union, Va. 
Apple's Chapel, 
Hines' Chapel, 
Salem Chapel, 
Mt. Bethel, 
Brown's Chapel, 
Martha's Chapel, 
Pleasant Hill, 
Parks' M Roads, 


520 Pleasant Ridge, 
308 Shiloh, N. C. 21 
56 Shady Grove, 22 
75 Christian Union, 
61 Acorn Ridge, 
56 Liberty Grove, 
46 Newbern, 
22. Brown's, 
122 Pleasant Spring, 
100 Wake Chapel, 
7 133 Pleasant Union, 
1 145| Christian Chapel, 
10 Pleasant Hill, 
30|Utley's School Ho 
25 Midway, 
39 Mt. Auburn, 
54; Liberty Hill, 
140 Fuller's, 
100 Pope's Chapel, 
48 IGood Hope, 
42jJOak Level, 
19 S |124jiMt. Zion, 
50 Bethel, 
17| Smyrna, 
16 1 Park's Stand, 

501! Total Number, 164 12 3519 
On motion, fraternal messengers were elected to the Eas- 
tern Va. C. Conference to convene at Holy Neck, Mansemond 
Co., Va., on Wednesday before the first Sabbath in Novem- 
ber next. 

J. W. Wellons, J. N. Manning, Sol. Apple were elected 

The following resolution was unanimously adopted. 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference are due and 
hereby tendered to the Brethren and Friends about Oak 
Level for the kind and hospitable manner in which they 
have entertained this body, 









On motion, the following Brethren were appointed the 
Executive Conference Committee for the ensuing year, viz., 
S. Apple, J. N. Manning, C. A. Apple. 

The following Preamble and Resolutions were unanimous- 
ly adopted by Conference. 

. Whereas, W. N. Bragg, once a member of this body, is 
laboring to excite sympathy in his behalf and representing 
that Conference dealt with him, and mistreated him, for his 
political opinions. Therefore, Resolved, that, for the bene- 
fit of the public, it be made known that it was not for a ay 
political opinion but for prevarication and falsehood, that 
W. N. Bragg, was expelled from this Conference. 

Resolved, That the above Preamble and Resolution be pub- 
lished it the State Sentinel and N. C, Standard. 
' The Committee of all the Elders present reported, which 
was received and adopted. 


Your Commttee report that they have carefully invests 
gated the cases heretofore brought to your notice, and would 
recommend. 1 

1st. That B. F. Hopkins and J. I. Hobby be restored to* 
their former position as Elders of this body. '} 

2nd, That the case of Prof W. H. Doherty be referred to: 
the Executive Conference Committee, to be acted on by them; 
as soon as practicable. 

3rd. That the case of B. Ausley be refered to a special 
Committee composed of H. B. Hayes and J. N. Farrell, who 
will report their action to their Executive Committee. 

x. J. FOWLER, Chairman. 

On motion, W. EE. Martin, A Moring and J. W. Wellens, , 

were appointed a -committee to consider the propriety of 
printing for publication the Minutes of this Session of Con- 

On motion, it was unanimously Resolved that ail the. 
Ministers be requested to call on their congregations once 
i "hiring the ensueing year for contributions to the Conference 
fund. | 

On motion, Elder Sol. Apple was appointed, to deliver the . 



next annual Address before Conference, and Elder W. S. 
Long, his alternate. 

Conference adjourned to 1 o'clock, P. M. t 

Conference convened. 

1 o'clock, r. m. 

The Educational committee reported, which was re- 
ceived and adopted. 


Th® Educational Committee report that one promis- 
ing addition has been made to the Biblical class in the per- 
son of Brother W. B Lassiter who will receive the undivi • 
ded attention of tho Committee whenever his interest re- 
quires it. i 

Brother W. H. Franks, a Licentiate in the first class, has- 
been recommended by, at least two Churches for ordinaticn, 
His moral deportment and Christian character are unques J . 
tionable, and entitlo him to a place in our highest regards. ■ 
He however does not reach the literary standard laid down 
by this Conference. We therefore lay his case before you* 
without any recommendation from us. , 

J. N. M INNING, Chairman. 

By a vote of Conference W. H. Franks was declared wor- 
thy of ordination, and it was ordered that he be set apart to 
the office of an. Elder to-morrow morning 10 o'clock. 

On motion of Elder B. N. Hopkins, the following Breth- 
rea were appointed an ordaining Presbytery, viz.: Scl. Ap- 
ple, J. N. Manning, II. B. Hayes. 

The Committee on the publication of the Minutes repor- 
ted, which was recieved and adopted. 


; We recommend that four hundred sopies of the Minutes 
be printed, and that the money in the hands of the Treas- 
urer* be appropriated, as far as it may go, to that purpose; and . 
that the Minutes be sold to those churches which contribu- 
ted nothing, and the remainder, after paying expenses, be 
returned to the Cofnerenco fund, and that other churches 


fce furnished them gratuitously in proportion to the amount 
they contributed. 

Respectfully submited. 

W. K. MAETIN, Chairman. 

The following is the report of the committee on the con- 
dition of the country which was received and adopted. 


Your committee to whom was referred the state of ths 
country, ask leave to report 

That while we truly mourn the sad calamity which came 
upon our beloved country in the late struggle, in the loss of 
life, the destructiou of propert)', and the wide spread ruin and 
desolaiton, which is seen and felt throughout the land: Yet 
in all this we deem it our duty as Christians to bow submis- 
sively to the will of God, and believe that "He doeth all 
things well." And now that we have peace restored to our 
destracted country, therefore be it. 

Mesoked t That, we as an Ecclestiastical body pledge a faith- 
$ol obedience to, and cordial compliance with the Federal 
Government, and that we will strive to promote peace and 
(harmony in our beloved country. 

Respectfully submited, 

B. N. HOPKINS, Chairman. 

The report of the committee on Memoirs was unanimous- 
ly adopted. It is as follows: 


The committee on Memoirs report, that it becomes their 
painful duty to record the death of our highly esteemed and 
dearly beloved Brother, Elder G. G. Walker, who closed an 
nctive and useful life of labor among us, and entered upon 
his reward in Heaven during the past Conference year. 
Few men of this Conference were more untiring in their 
efforts to promote the interests of tne Christian Church than 
Brother Wal ter; possessing a warm and generous heart, he 
imparted a sacred impulse to every thing he touched. No 
one knew him hut to Jove him, cheerful, free and open heart- 
ed, he made all happy that approached him. 



Elder Walker united to the Conference about the year 1839; 
and immediately entered into the work of the Ministry with 
industry and perseverance. His success was highly gratifying. 
Large numbers of spiritual children in many directions re- 
vere his memory and rise up to call him blessed. He was a 
warm advocate of every measure by which the interests of 
the Church was advanced. Our Educational enterprizes 
claimed much of his attention, and received his hearty sup« 

In his domestic relation, he was decidedly happy. He 
governed his own household in the most pleasant manner. A 
kind and watchful parent, an attentive and devoted husband, 
he multiplied all the comforts and joys of home over and 
over again. He will be missed. His presence will no more 
cheer the family circle, nor animate the Conference room; 
but he is not dead, he is yet living in the hearts of his 
brethren. May the Lord bless the bereaved family, and fill 
the place of the departed, with His own presence. 

Respectfully Submitted, 


Upon the adoption of the above report a great number of 
the ministers spoke of the social and christian relations that 
existed between them and Bro. Walker, and many tears 
were shed in rememberance of the pleasures they would share 
no more on earth. 

On motion of W. K. Martin, a copy of the report was or- 
dered to be sent to the bereaved family with the assurance 
of our warmest sympathies. 

On motion it was resolved that our thanks are du» and are 
hereby tendered to the Officers of Conference, for the faith- 
ful and able manner in which they have discharged their du- 

On motion of J. N. Manning, Conference adjomrned to 
meet with the Church at Okelley's Chapel, Chatham County, 
N. C, on Wednesday before the 2nd Sabbath in October 
1866* at 10 o'clock, A. M. 

Owing to the difficulties encountered in traveling, and the 
want of communication between the different sections of the 
country, and also tile great scarcity of money, Conference. 

was very thinly attended; but the Session was very harmoni- 
ous and pleasant and the usual amount of business was 
transacted. The Brethren appeared to be alive to the Denom- 
inational wants, and manifested a determination to push 
for tyard our Ecclesiastical enterprises as soon as practicable. 

SOL. APPLE, President. 

T. J. EOWLEB, Vice President 
J. N. Manning, Secretary. 

W. S. Long, 
S. A. Maetin, 



Home Missionary Society. 

The Home Missionary Society connected with the C. N. & 
Va. C Conference met Oct., 7th, 1865. 

On motion of J. W. Wellens, the present Officers were 
re-elected, viz., Sol. Apple, President; J. N. Manning, Vice 
President; W. S. Long, -Treasurer, andE. W.Beale, Secretary. 

On motion, it was Eesolved, That the Treasurer be request- 
ed to bring the books and bonds, in his office, to the next 
meeting of the Society, 

On motion the Ministers were requested to appeal to their 
congregations in behalf of the Society during tho forthcom- 
ing Conference year. 

On motion the Secretary was directed to furnish the Secre- 
tary of Conference with the proceedings of this meeting for 

On motion the Society then adjourned to meet with the 
next Session of the N. C. & Va. Christian Conference. 

The greater portion of the funds of the Society were lost, 
having been collected in- what proved to be a worthless cur- 

No, enterprise of the Denomination is more worthy of sup- 
port than the Home Missionary Society; and it is hoped that 
a deeper interest will be manifested in this matter by the 
churces and friends generally, and that liberal contribu- 
tions "will be made to the Society. 

SOL. APPLE, President. 

H. B. Hayes, Secretary, pro. tern,